Karan Bopaiah

Further details

I have always admired engines since I was a child. The passion for engines and the science behind making them work was one of the primary reasons why I chose to do Mechanical Engineering. At the end of my Bachelors, I felt the need to study more about engines and their performance optimisation. The MSc Racing Engine Systems course is the only programme of its kind in the world and is developed with the needs and requirements of race engine manufacturers in mind. It was a dream come true to study on this course!

I really enjoyed the breadth of topics covered on the course. The academic team is closely informed by the motorsports industry and everything we studied was highly specific to the latest Formula 1 specifications.

Oxford Brookes is the only university to have published work on Formula 1 engines with regards to optimising performance. During my time here I have been able to contribute to two papers on this subject which are due to be published.