Katherine Rodrigues

LLB Law, 2021

“What’s made me happiest is the impact I can have. Especially at the end of an event I’ve organised, when a student tells me that they’ve got an internship out of it”

I’m in my second year studying Law at Oxford Brookes, and I’m the president of the Law Society. I definitely feel as though I’ve made a positive contribution. The Law Society holds career events, where we have lawyers come in and talk to the students. We’ve had students come up to us afterwards, and say they’ve been offered internships. That makes me really satisfied.

We also have social events, which are great for letting students meet each other and have that sense of being part of a family.

‘Lots of opportunities to get involved’

Here at Brookes, the Law department hosts inter-university mooting competitions (mock trials for students to practise their skills). There are also pro-bono organisations - this is where you can do certain kinds of free legal work. So there are lots of opportunities to get involved, and to gain experience.

When I was choosing universities, I had quite a few offers, but something kept drawing me back to Brookes. I chose to study Law because I love the seeking of justice … and I love arguing! I want to become a barrister and one day have my own practice.