Kim Bowyer

Further details

The support given by Brookes, from the teaching team, library services and student union, made moving away from home and the step up from A-levels less daunting.

On the course I’ve developed my understanding in areas such as cognitive, social and developmental psychology. I have also appreciated having the opportunity to study less standard topics, such as abnormal psychology.

The modules are varied in their content, format and assessment, allowing you to develop and improve a range of skills, such as statistical analysis, interviewing, public speaking and working in groups. These are all essential in the workforce, so I feel that the course has prepared me for my future in employment.

My plan following graduation is to gain some further work experience. The areas that I have already gained work experience in, and am interested in, are marketing and human resources. These are both areas where I can use the knowledge and skills that I have gained on the course.