Kirsty Archer


“I love the idea of facilitating a rehabilitation programme for people, to improve their quality of life.”

The organisation and teaching of the Physiotherapy programme here is amazing. There are a lot of practical sessions in which we practice assessment and treatment skills. I particularly enjoy the simulation sessions as it’s a great opportunity to practice before placement.

We often have guest speakers, either service users or specialist physiotherapists, which are always so informative; it’s great to hear “real-life” perspectives.

The facilities are great. The skills labs are well equipped and the helpful skills team are always on hand to get extra equipment if needed. We also have the opportunity to practice with technical equipment, such as ultrasound machines and breathing apparatus.

When I complete the course I plan to apply for a band 5 rotational post to identify which area of physiotherapy I wish to specialise in. I’m also interested in completing further education, possibly an MSc in my area of interest. I’m currently an intern with the INTALECA programme and I’m getting great experience in the world of clinical research.