Kunyi Jiang

China, BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management

“Be brave and ask any question, if you are concerned by anything. Don’t be too shy.”

Why did you decide to study in the UK?

Firstly, I like the British literature, Shakespeare  and Jane Austen’s novels. And when I was 16 years old, my parents said, ‘There’s an opportunity for you to study abroad, would you like to go?’ I said, ‘Why not?’, and I choose Britain, so I’m here.

Why did you choose to come to Oxford Brookes University?

I want to study International Hospitality Management and Oxford Brookes is one of the top ten uni’s for this course.

Why did you choose to study this undergraduate course at Oxford Brookes University?

I love to interact with people and talk with people. That’s the reason why I choose Hospitality Management.

What’s the best thing about your course?

I’m going say it’s the second year’s placement. It’s really helped me to combine the knowledge and practice. I went to Oxford Holiday Inn for one year and I did food and beverages.

What learning facilities do you use the most at Oxford Brookes University?

Library, I love the new library at JHB. It’s fantastic for me. 

What’s the best thing about the teaching style at Oxford Brookes University?

I’m going to say the professionals they give us a relaxed teaching style, to let us explore our own study styles and to finish our undergraduate course.

How did the teaching and administrative staff support and help you settle in when you first came to Brookes?

I attended the introduction week and there was quite a lot activity and the societies as well. And because I didn’t get my visa back when I came to Brookes, ISAT helped me to figure out my visa situation.

Would you recommend this course to another student?

I definitely will because Oxford Brookes is a worthy place to study Hospitality Management, you have a very good library resource, the professors, lovely students and friends.

What did you like most about living in Oxford?

It’s very peaceful to live in Oxford. And it’s very useful for me to study here.

What’s your favourite place to visit?

Ashmolean Museum in the city centre. It’s has a special exhibition for different seasons, I love it so much. It’s worth a visit.

Are you involved in any clubs or societies at Oxford Brookes University?

I’m a member of Oxford Brookes Chinese student society. I attended the One World Week at JHB and it was really good. The people exchanged their experiences and cultures, to learn new stuff from other countries.

Do you live in university halls and, if so, do you enjoy living in halls of residence?

I live at Dorset. I really like this one and the rooms were big, they’re very clean and it’s enough for study.

How easy did you find it to settle in to university life when you first arrived at Oxford Brookes University?

I’m going to say it’s quite easy because there’s quite a lot help at uni at that time and they also have the travel group, to get us familiar with Oxford city and uni tour as well. 

Would you recommend Oxford Brookes University to other international students? 

Definitely, I would recommend Oxford Brookes to other international student. As I mentioned before, Oxford’s very good place to study and peaceful place, you can always find a space for yourself. And Brookes have lovely teachers and pupils and I love the new building of JHB and other facilities.

What are your top tips for international students coming to Oxford Brookes University?

Be brave and ask any question, if you are concerned by anything. Don’t be too shy.