Larissa Thurlow

Thesis title: Supervision for team coaches: The issues, challenges and experiences and what those may indicate about the capabilities needed for supervisors to be fit for this role

Start year: 2023

Research topic

The aim of my inquiry is to understand what happens in the supervision of team coaches and how that may be the same or different from the interactions in dyadic coaching supervision. Specifically, I am investigating:

  1. What happens in supervision sessions with team coaches? i.e. What do coaches bring as issues to reflect on, what else is explored in these sessions and what difficulties do supervisors and coaches experience in their work together?
  2. What do the experiences indicate about the capabilities needed of supervisors to provide a quality supervision experience for team coaches?

Academic school / department

Oxford Brookes Business School

Further details

My undergraduate degree was a double major in Environmental Studies and (Cultural) Anthropology. I completed my Master's degree in Japan and focused on Distance Education. My background is in adult education and I have been working in Learning & Development/Organisational Development with a focus on Coaching (Team) for the past 15 years.