Lauren Hales

Marketing Management

A key criteria for me when looking at university was coursework

So many universities have exams within a course, and I was like, I don’t like that. I've done A-levels and I don’t like that environment any more. So I was like you need a coursework degree. So this course at Brookes just ticked all the boxes because it was like a really good starting point and yeah, I just thought it had a bit of everything I thought, I'd enjoy this, and it was 100% coursework, so that's perfect. 

I thought, I really like that 

They start you off gently, get you into knowing the basics, how to reference, etc. Including all things you're probably going to learn and stuff. And I was like, That's what I need. It’s like stepping stones or a gradual upward curve. I like having reassurance and being told, okay, I'm on the right track, and I've really appreciated that.

I've been working very closely with my academic advisor                                                                                              Lauren-on-a-laptop-on-campus

I literally can't remember the first time I just asked her a question. I think it was about referencing, and straightaway she got back to me. I think it was even within like 10 minutes. It answered my question and also gave me other resources that would help. And just saying, if you ever want to talk about anything else, please feel free to come and chat to me. I've found that I've got a really good bond with her and it's really nice to just have someone to go to for advice and to bounce off.

I really enjoy personal branding module

I took that last semester.It's made me feel really comfortable with who I am and what I look for in terms of jobs and working out my strengths and things I might need to work on more. Also I've done aspects of marketing, which I thought was really good because I found that it was one that was covering lots of different areas of marketing. 

I now know how to connect with those brands and I know how to phrase things and say, I am really interested in your company and how to work for you, maybe I can join you as an intern?