Lois Morton

History of Art and Anthropology, 2019

“Everything is really comfortable and up to date at Oxford Brookes. The library is great. It’s huge and really keeps you in the zone”

When I came to Oxford Brookes, it was really organised and modern. I like living in Oxford. Everything’s very close together and convenient, and there’s lots of things to do.

‘Very organised and modern’

I’m really enjoying a module I’m doing called Art Synoptic, at the moment. It gives you the chance to study art from other cultures, which I really like. I’m studying modern Chinese art at the moment, and how it links to China’s political climate.

‘My subjects go so well together’

History of Art is a great subject to pick with other subjects. You’ll come across things in one class that you’ve learnt in another part of the course. And because you already know the topic, it just feeds into the success of your work. Like what I’m doing now on the politics of China and how it affects Chinese art.

You can do fun events like ‘drunk-drawing’ at pubs, as part of the Oxford Brookes Art Society. I like going to the gym, and the library here is great.