London Donson

USA, Modules in Communication, Media and Culture whilst on exchange from California State University, Sacramento

“The ISAT team were really helpful, especially before I got here with figuring out what I couldn’t do because of my visa. Or if I had any questions about how to log into the accommodation portal or anything like that. Everyone has just been super helpful.”

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

A big population of the students here at Brookes are international students from a lot of places, which was one of the big reasons I came here so I would not only interact with people who were British, but people who were from all over the world.

What have you enjoyed about studying at Oxford Brookes?

I’ve enjoyed the discussions that I’ve had in my critical linguistics class. I really like the depth of knowledge that the professors have and the discussions that we have in our classes.

How do the teaching styles differ to your university back in the US?

I think it’s better here. More independent, but not too independent. I still feel like I get a wealth of knowledge from the class. I don’t feel like I’m learning nothing. I think it forces you to learn more.

How did the staff at Oxford Brookes help you to settle in?

The international students got here a week early, and then they were really helpful. They gave us all the information we needed to know.  It wasn’t overbearing, but it was as helpful as you could’ve hoped it to be and they answered any of your questions if you needed.

Would you recommend your course?

I would recommend that they come here to study, as they would learn more about being a student, as well as the information that they would learn during the semester which is probably more than they would learn back where I’m from.

Have you visited anywhere else outside of Oxford?

My friend and I just went on a very fun and cultural trip. We went from here to London and then onto Paris. Then we went to Italy, Florence, Rome, Santorini and then we flew back from Athens.  It was really amazing. Then I went to Manchester, Bath, Stonehenge and lots of different places - a lot of them the school sponsored.

Do you have any recommendations for future exchange students?

Figure out your travel before you get here. Do your readings every week and don’t skip any of the lectures even though you’ll be tempted to.  Get involved in something so that you have to meet people that just aren’t within your flat or are from the university. Go to as many museums as possible. Try as much food as possible, go to Cowley Road, it’s where all the international food is. Some of my favourites are Syrian, Lebanese and Caribbean food.