Lucy Moore

Accounting and Finance

I visited a lot of different open days at universities

The thing that struck me at Brookes was the people that you met on the open day and the lecturers that spoke about their course and the students as well that you spoke to, particularly the students, because you connect with them easily. I knew beforehand that I was looking at accounting and finance, and I liked the layout of this course as well.  

After a few weeks your tutors will know your name

You're not just your student number, they know your name and you can easily chat with them. My cohort, everyone gets on and it's just nice it's not too big, but there's a few students, I think there's over 100 or something in my cohort currently, and I'd say that most people know everyone and there's a lot of teamwork as well, and group projects.

You have an academic advisor                                                                                                                                           lucy-on-campus-using -a-laptop

They get to know you and you have meetings with them and they can help you with any questions you're struggling with or topics, because they're specialists in the field you’re studying as well. I'm doing a couple of double modules which go through the rest of the year, which I enjoy, because you gain applicable skills that you'll carry on throughout your career. My favourite one that we've done so far is personal taxation and personal and professional development which gives you critical skills, particularly for those applying to placement and internships. 

I want to do chartered accountancy after graduation

Which means further exams after you graduate. Usually if you're with a firm they will put you through for the exams. What I want to do in the end is become a chartered ACCA accountant right now. I'm really interested in mid-tier firms currently due to the increased mentorship and wouldn't go into a large firm initially.