Lukas Pomsztein Ferraro

Marketing Management

You know, Oxford Brookes, that's where I wanted to study.

I chose marketing management by process of elimination. I’ve ended up liking it a lot, so I got lucky basically. It was quite easy getting into the course, there was plenty of support along the way, especially my first weeks, because being an international student too, I had to get used to so much stuff all at the same time.

The tutors have years of experience in marketing, as practitioners as well.

There is so much experience and knowledge to be gained from them. So that was really good and a thing I notice and appreciate, is the balance between the academic aspect of marketing and the more practical and realistic use of marketing on the course. The more practical modules are really good because they're grounded in reality. And a lot of the time the professors would be like, yeah, this is what I do pretty much day to day when I'm working in marketing. So having that inside my university is great.

Academics are there to help you, and support is never far away.                                                                         Lukas on campus

Many of them are part time teachers, so it's not like they're here every day. But even they always make themselves available to you for any kind of question you may have or any concerns. And they're very passionate as well. It's not like I never felt like they were just there for the sake of it. Also the ISAT team was really helpful with pretty much everything because the visa process is very, very tiring and quite complicated.

Hopefully I'll get a job and I'll work with something that I really like.

But something that aligns with me as a person, if that makes sense.Working in an industry I feel like I can do something with and not just getting any job for the sake of it and just doing it. Maybe it's too idealistic, but for now, that's kind of what I'm aiming for. I've been thinking about social media marketing in the past few years and even more so now there's this trend where advertising wants to become seamless, unidentifiable; raising ethical issues.