Manisha Humagain

Business, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

I've always wanted to be my own boss, to create innovative solutions that drive social change.

When I looked at the modules, it was like not only just teaching me about what an entrepreneur is, but also about the markets, and what kind of skills you need, what prepares you about funding, about marketing, and all the other aspects that you need to know about.

Oxford is a well-known city 

With all the historical buildings and large student population, it seemed like a nice place to study. I wanted to be close to nature and parks and all the walks and stuff like that. So I thought, okay, let's have a look at Brookes. And so I went to an open day and everything seemed amazing. Oxford has provided the ideal nurturing ecosystem full of mentors, resources and opportunities to help my entrepreneurial idea flourish. I’d say make sure that when you look at a course, you're interested in it and you want to learn about it. 

I really liked one of the modules in my first year                                                                                                        

One of my favourite modules was  'The Entrepreneur' which showed me what it takes to be an entrepreneur dedicated to enacting systemic change through ethical, yet disruptive ideas.

I'm currently working on launching my social innovation venture to meet the needs
for international students     manisha-on-a-laptop-on-campus 

My goal after graduating is to kickstart a business that makes a difference and become the entrepreneur I've aspired to be. I've been working on it for about 6 to 7 months. I'm interested in social innovation and enterprises. I’ve also looked at maybe doing a PhD in a few years on social enterprises. But currently in my head is that I want to kick start this business up and start working on it, to become that entrepreneur.