Marcelo Honorio Campos

Economics, Finance and International Business 

My name is Marcelo Honorio Campos and I am currently studying the BSc Economics, Finance and International Business course at Oxford Brookes University. I'm originally from Brazil and I've been living in the UK for more than 5 years.

“The course has helped me to set goals for my future career by providing a solid foundation in economics and exposing me to various career paths within the field”

Why did you choose to study Economics? Was there anything particular that stood out to you when researching for the right course?

While still studying in high school, my country faced a severe economic crisis and I tried to understand why and how it was happening, hence I decided to study an Economics related course, because I became fascinated by how economies work and the impact they have on individuals and society as a whole. I researched various universities and courses and what stood out to me about Oxford Brookes was its reputation for providing a well-rounded and hands-on education in Economics.

What attracted you to study at Oxford Brookes University?

The university's close proximity to London, a hub for economics and business, was also a big factor in my decision. The university has a long history of producing successful business leaders, and I was excited to become part of this legacy. The opportunity to study in such a vibrant and dynamic city, with access to a wealth of resources and opportunities, was also a major draw. Additionally, the strong support system at Oxford Brookes University, including academic advisors and career services, made me feel confident that I would receive the resources and guidance I needed to succeed in my studies and beyond.

What has been your favourite module to study on the course and why?

My favourite module so far has been Financial Markets and Institutions. I found it particularly interesting to learn about the functioning of financial markets and the role of financial intermediaries such as banks and insurance companies. I was fascinated by the study of the impact of monetary policy on financial markets and how different financial instruments, such as bonds and stocks, are priced and traded. I also appreciated the practical approach taken by the module, which included case studies and simulations that helped me to better understand the complex world of finance. This module has given me a strong foundation in the functioning of financial markets and the various players within them, and I am eager to continue exploring this subject in more depth.

What skills have you developed while studying on the course? Please talk about specific knowledge and skills related to the subject and any other skills such as communication, networking, teamwork etc.

During my studies, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of economic theory and principles, as well as practical skills that are essential for success in the field. My ability to analyse data and conduct research has greatly improved, as I have been exposed to various methods and techniques for gathering and evaluating economic information. I have also honed my communication and presentation skills through group projects and discussions, which have provided opportunities for me to articulate my ideas and perspectives effectively. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience working in teams, which has helped me to build strong interpersonal skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with others. These skills, both specific to the subject of Economics and transferable to a wide range of careers, will serve me well in the future.

How have you found the experience studying on the course and the balance between live project work and study?

I have found the experience of studying at Oxford Brookes University to be very fulfilling. The balance between live project work, exams and study have been ideal, allowing me to apply my learning to real-world scenarios.

Describe your experience working alongside fellow students. What have you learnt from them?

Studying alongside my fellow students has been a truly enriching experience. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, which has helped me to broaden my own understanding of economics and the world. Through group projects and discussions, I have learned from my classmates and have been able to share my own insights and knowledge with them. This has not only strengthened my academic abilities, but has also helped me to build lasting relationships with my peers. Additionally, my participation in the university's volleyball club, where I serve as President, has provided me with opportunities to interact with students outside of the classroom. Through organising events, practices and competitions, I have acquired important leadership and organisational skills, which have further enhanced my university experience.

What has the standard of teaching been like on the course? Are there any memorable lectures or seminars you attended?

The standard of teaching on the course has been consistently high, with knowledgeable and passionate instructors who bring a wealth of experience to the classroom. One of the most memorable lectures I attended was on sustainable investing, where we used a Bloomberg Terminal for the first time. The lecture provided a hands-on introduction to the tools and methods used by professional economists, which was both exciting and educational. It was amazing to see the real-world applications of the economic theories and concepts I have been learning about, and I came away from the lecture feeling more confident and inspired. The opportunity to gain practical experience with industry-standard tools and technologies has been a valuable aspect of my studies at Oxford Brookes University and has greatly contributed to my development as an economist.

To what extent has the course helped you set goals for your future career and what are your plans after graduation?

The course has helped me to set goals for my future career by providing a solid foundation in economics and exposing me to various career paths within the field. After graduation, I plan to pursue a career in economic consulting or work for a financial institution.

Have you been involved in any work placements or real-world projects? If so, please describe your experience.

One of the most impactful experiences I have had as an Economics student at Oxford Brookes University has been participating in the "Forum Engage with Economics" programme. In this programme, I have been able to apply the economic theories and concepts I have learned in the classroom to real-world issues, such as the cost of living crisis and climate change. Through lively debates and discussions with my peers, I have gained a deeper understanding of the complex economic challenges facing society today and have developed my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I was also proud to be awarded the "Economist in the Making" prize for my participation in the programme, which has been a great recognition of my hard work and dedication to the subject. This experience has been a highlight of my time at university, and I look forward to continuing to engage with economics in new and innovative ways in the future.

Anything else you'd like to add about your experience on the course or at Brookes?

Overall, my experience at Oxford Brookes University has been excellent. I am grateful for the high-quality education and practical experience I am receiving, and I am confident that it will set me up well for a successful career in economics.