Marcin Iwankiewicz

Philosophy and Politics, 2018

“Oxford is the perfect place to engage in extracurricular activities: Blackwell's Bookshop organises some great public lectures on challenging topics, especially in Philosophy”

Marcin plans to pursue a career in Law when he finishes his Philosophy and Politics degree. The welcoming atmosphere that he experienced on an open day, as well as the passion of the lecturers ultimately persuaded him to come to Brookes.

Since an early age, I was fascinated by big and fundamental questions, such as: what is the purpose of life and what ethics ought we follow? In response to the UK general elections in 2015, I discovered that I also wanted to delve into philosophical questions which analyse current affairs. Such enquiries were of a political nature, for example: what is a society; why should I obey the laws; and what is the best form of governance? Thus, my attentions turned to politics and philosophy, and I decided that they were essential to my further education.

The welcoming atmosphere that I experienced on Open Day assured me that I would enjoy my lectures. The class sizes were small, and this allowed me to feel like I could communicate freely with my lecturers. I felt like I was joining an ‘academic family’, as opposed to simply being lectured at by alienated experts.

The course opened up a new and diverse way of perceiving the world. It enhanced my critical and analytical thinking skills as well as my desire to research topics that I am particularly passionate about. I feel like the course has developed me to become an expert in my field as well as an independent thinker.

Oxford is the perfect place to engage in extracurricular activities: Blackwell's Bookshop organises some great public lectures on challenging topics, especially in Philosophy. Oxford is primarily a city of students, and for this reason, it is a very stimulating environment to study in.

I would eventually like to become a solicitor, which demands critical and independent thinking skills. I feel my degree will prepare me well for this as I am now proficient in engaging with distinct and sometimes contradicting texts, which would be an essential skill in my future profession. Moreover, my degree will enable me to strengthen my ability to cross-analyse particular arguments in order to respond in the most convincing manner. The art of persuasion, after all, is essential for any prospective lawyer.

I really enjoyed Dan O’Brien’s lectures on the Introduction to Epistemology. The lectures provided the perfect space for students to engage with an expert in that field. Mark Cain is another great philosopher in the Department, whose enthusiasm and passion for philosophical inquiries ultimately persuaded me to join Oxford Brookes.

I was involved in Oxford Brookes Politics society, the Left-Wing Politics society, Oxford Brookes Feminist Society, LGBT Society, Oxford Brookes Law Society, Oxford Brookes Philosophy Society and Oxford Brookes Latin Society. All of these societies allowed me to diversify my perspective and communicate with fellow students. I was also keen to acknowledge alternative approaches to puzzling issues that affect us today, like gender, sexuality, legitimacy of political intervention, and immigration.