Margret Stray-Pedersen

Further details

I chose Oxford Brookes University because of its renowned education and the opportunity to live in the beautiful city of Oxford. A former student recommended Oxford Brookes University and I am more than pleased with my choice, so now I recommend it further!

I have always wanted to study psychology. I have a Bachelors’ degree in Media and Communication, but with this background I would not have been able to go directly into a MSc Psychology program in Norway, however this is possible in the UK. The British Psychological Society accreditation of the Masters’ program was also influential on my decision. Studies at Oxford Brookes University suited me perfectly, and now I am able to fulfil my dream of studying psychology abroad. 

Through my Pychology degree here at Brookes I have been able to attend a counselling course that has been very rewarding, and that connects much of the psychology theory to practical knowledge. In addition, it is nice to have for future work life.

All the facilities are modern and fresh. The technology is very up-to-date and it is possible to borrow a lot of equipment, not only books!

There are many opportunities for support at the university. The professors are very helpful and available if there should be anything. It is possible to enrol for introductory courses for foreign students, and English academic writing courses. In addition, it is possible to visit the support centre that offers extra help if there is a need.
The social life is amazing! I recommend everyone to join an association or a sports team to easily get friends. I joined the polo team without much riding experience, and after half a year I got to play in The Supa Winter Nationals 2018 and go on tour with the team!

The study environment is very good and inclusive. There are many international students in the same situation that have just moved to a new country and want to make friends. In addition, there is an inclusive Norwegian environment here, which organizes events and gatherings on weekends.

The best thing about staying in Oxford is to get the opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. People here are kind, beer is cheap, and the food is great.

When I finish my masters I will start to work, either in Norway or in the UK. I feel confident and fit for work life with my education from Oxford Brookes University.

I recommend Oxford Brookes University to anyone! Studying here provides a unique opportunity to improve your English, experience a new culture and study at a recognised university. In addition, the MSc in Psychology offers exciting lectures, valuable knowledge and hopefully a bright future.