Marine Raymond

France, MSc International Hotel and Tourism Management

“Get ready for a nice time where you meet international people and make friends, because you will definitely do that. ”

Why did you decide to study in the UK?  
I decided to study in the UK because Oxford Brookes had the master I wanted to do, to do it in one year, and also because it was a great challenge to come to the UK.

What is the best thing about this course?  
I think it’s the mentoring programme – that’s the best thing. There is also quite a considerable amount of professionals that come to talk to us which is very good as well. And there are also really good teachers and it’s a really interesting programme.

What’s the best thing about the teaching style?  
There’s a cultural difference obviously. It’s very challenging but very interesting. The fact that teachers do not really provide you with all the answers, but provide you with elements to look for the answers is a big difference from what I had in the past. I guess the real challenging part is that you have to be prepared for a class before you go, so you know what’s going to happen, and you can have a real exchange.

Would you recommend this course to another student?
I would definitely recommend this course. I feel it’s very interesting and there’s tons to learn. It’s a really challenging masters but it’s really interesting and everybody can do it, whatever your background is and whatever your age is, you can manage. When I started this masters I wanted to become a general manager of a hotel but now I don’t know what I want to do anymore. There are so many things I could do and it has opened so many doors.

What do you like most about living in Oxford?
I actually chose Oxford because I love Oxford, I think it’s a very cultural dynamic and beautiful city. Human size, so that’s what I think I definitely like. It’s never a dead city, whatever day of the week you walk in Oxford. But I find it totally human, I find the people very kind and very patient because there’s loads of international people here. You never feel like a foreign person in Oxford, so it’s really nice.

How easy have you found it to settle into life at the University and have you made friends?
I’ve found it very good to settle actually. I am much older than my fellow students or friends, but I loved it, I think they were very nice and I never felt like I was a mother with all these kids. They treat me as a peer and it’s really cool. We exchanged a lot of things and actually I think I bring them some of the things they need and they bring me some of the things I need, like computer-wise or when I’m a little lost and I don’t know where classes are. 

Would you recommend Oxford Brookes to other international students?
Yes, I would definitely recommend Brookes because I think it’s totally feasible, it’s a beautiful place and it’s safe. So for the parents that are wondering, they can definitely send their kids here. I think it’s a great experience and I think that Brookes is very welcoming for foreign students.  

What are your top tips for international students?
Get time to prepare before classes so you know what’s going to be happening. Also, try to get the reading lists before the year starts, so you can start reading ab