Marlon Shepard

Occupational Therapy

“I chose Oxford Brookes because I craved something different.”

To grow and learn as an individual, to build your character, you must come out of your comfort zone. When you beyond your previous horizons and ship off to another continent to pursue your aspirations you go beyond your previous horizons and that’s the reason I chose Oxford Brookes. I chose my course Occupational Therapy because there is a drive in me to me the world a better place. A fundamental goal of Occupational Therapy is helping people to achieve their potential so by learning from the course will help me achieve this. I have really enjoyed the practical seminars as part of my course. We take what we’ve learned in lecture and actually apply it to real world activities.

The academic buildings are pretty spot on from what I’ve experienced. The main campus is relatively new and has completely accessible areas for any and all students. It’s got a few cafes, a library, study areas, relaxation areas, etc. Oxford Brookes is quite accommodating and willing to adapt to student needs. The social life has been spectacular and it is easy to make friends. There are so many different walks of life here at Oxford Brookes.

My favourite part about living in oxford is that it is a student city. There are libraries, museums, sports events, heritage sights, etc. The postgraduate housing at Clive Booth is spectacular. It’s accessible and completes the needs of any student.

I would recommend my course without hesitation. The more “help” orientated people there are in this world, the better off society will be. I also wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my course at Oxford Brookes specifically. There is a community here at Brookes that I’ve not encountered at any other Uni.