Matt Paine

MA Education (TESOL), 2016

“My academic passion developed later on in life and it was this that led me to research postgraduate courses.”

Matt Paine was teaching Business English at Intel (a multinational technology company) in Tokyo, when he decided to undertake the MA Education (TESOL) via distance learning.

I attended college for two years and I was teaching Business English at Intel in Tokyo, Japan. The attraction of Oxford Brookes was that I could study part time via distance learning. Brookes also has a high name value in the job market and the cost of the course was affordable.

I found all the modules on the MA were practical. I could immediately apply what I had learnt from them in the classroom. Distance learning in a different time zone presents its own challenges, especially the amount of contact you have with lecturers. I found Paul Wickens and Jane Spiro were always helpful while I was studying.

I passed my course at ‘Merit’ level and completed challenging academic research in Hong Kong. I also managed to get my dissertation published in two academic journals. I think ‘believe in yourself and you can reach high academic goals’!

An Oxford Brookes MA (TESOL) gives you confidence and credibility when you go into a teaching related interview. It’s job specific and demonstrates academic excellence. I now run my own Business English School and I work as a visiting lecturer at Hong Kong Polytechnic.