Matthew Pullen

Communication, Media and Culture and International Relations, 2016

“The Communication, Media and Culture degree has inspired me to pursue journalism and particular modules have enabled me to consider citizen journalism”

Matthew Pullen was unsure he wanted to come to university at all until his college tutors advised him to consider his options and he discovered a course at Brookes that would allow him the flexibility to pursue his interests and career aspirations.

I had always been interested in international affairs, sociology, psychology, and the media, but was unsure of what exactly I wanted to pursue academically and professionally. It was important therefore that I found a degree which offered me diversity and would allow me to enter into a variety of employment industries, such as marketing, politics or journalism.

I was advised by my tutors at college to research some of the modern universities that provided more contemporary courses and catered for the fluid world in which I was immersed in. I quickly discovered Oxford Brookes University consistently ranking high in the university league tables.

I was naturally drawn to the International Relations and Communication, Media and Culture combined honours degree because it appealed to my diverse interests and encapsulated my desire to learn about the world. It’s a degree that is highly respected in the public and professional spheres.

Studying Communication, Media and Culture has given me an in depth understanding of how the world functions and thus how I need to act in this world to become a responsible professional and citizen. Since I have started studying at university every lecturer I have come across has been inspiring and helpful. They have instilled in me and my fellow students the desire to succeed and better ourselves. I really enjoy the passion that each lecturer has for their module. Their passion reflects the fact they personally create the modules based on their specific research and professional expertise.

Oxford is a relatively small city but it hosts a great variety of interesting cultural events and activities as it attracts different artists, political and social speakers and famous musicians. The city also offers world-class facilities such as the prestigious Bodleian Library and its Oxford Union. These facilities are open to students of Oxford Brookes, and have greatly improved my knowledge and networking prospects!

I am a member of the both student Politics society and Brookes Focus (Oxford Brookes’ Social Sciences Student Association). These societies have greatly enhanced my university experience. They arrange great events that not only help you to meet new friends and have a more social university experience but also give you first-hand information into the society’s specific focus. The Politics society, for example, hosted all of Oxford’s general election candidates a few weeks before the general election, which persuaded me to vote for a party I wasn’t previously going to vote for.

After I graduate I really want to be involved in politics and international affairs. The Communication, Media and Culture degree has inspired me to pursue journalism and particular modules have enabled me to consider citizen journalism.