Max Mason

Events Management

“The Events Management course has set me up perfectly for my future career aspirations. The skills I have learned have prepared me for the world of work and I have developed my management and teamwork skills significantly.”

Our undergraduate Events Management students have just had a well earned break after delivering several successful Christmas themed events at Oxford Brookes University.

We sat down with current student Max, to find out more about his experience on the course.

Q1. Why did you choose to study Events Management? Was there anything particular that stood out to you when researching for the right course?

I chose events management due to my passion for sporting events and hospitality. I wanted a course that fulfilled these, as well as adding a business aspect to the course. Events management at Oxford Brookes University is great as it covers a wide range of skills that have set me up for the future such as accounting and finance, time management, as well as health and safety/risk assessment topics that are all vital for a job in Events Management. 

Q2. What attracted you to study at Oxford Brookes University?

I chose Oxford Brookes University for a number of different reasons. Firstly, the course was perfect to suit my needs for a future in events and hospitality. Secondly, Oxford is only 2 hours away from my home in Somerset, this is not too close to home, but not too far away. Finally, I chose Brookes due to the good sporting facilities and sports teams, as well as the great social life. Societies and sports teams have allowed me to make lifelong friends.

Q3. What has been your favourite module to study on the course and why?

My favourite module in events management so far has got to be the ‘Managing the Sustainable Event’ module which I have just completed in my second year. In this module you are tasked with planning and executing a live event that is open to the public. Doing this has taught me many new skills along the way, as well as the satisfaction of running a successful event.

Q4. What skills have you developed while planning and running a live event?

During the running of our live event, I learned that stakeholder management is the most important aspect as I have had to deal with different key stakeholders such as charities, venues and clients. Secondly, as I had the role of Operations Manager for the event I made a detailed risk assessment and dealt with all security matters for the running of the event. Making a risk assessment made me think outside the box about the possible issues that would occur. Finally, the marketing aspect of the event was a huge part and learning how to pitch an event on social media to drive new followers and sell tickets.

Q5. How have you found the experience studying on the course and the balance between live project work and study?

Time management between my studies and planning the live event has been good! I try my best to spend as much time as possible in the library doing course work and reading so then I can focus on the practical elements of the course in more detail.

Q6. Describe your experience working alongside fellow students. What have you learnt from them?

Working alongside fellow students has been a great learning experience. As we got to pick the groups ourselves for the event, this made sure we were all well prepared and were able to work in a creative and collaborative way. Delegating different planning roles was a vital part of the success as we made sure everything was done in time and to a good standard. If there were any problems in the running up to our event it was great to have a team to chat through and share ideas and opinions.

Q7. What has the standard of teaching been like on the course? Are there any memorable lectures or seminars you attended?

The standard of teaching has been amazing so far on this course. Alan McBlane (Senior Lecturer) has taught all of my modules in Semester 1, so I have felt like the support was always there when I needed it. Alan always goes out of his way to help his students and provides office hours for additional support meetings. Lecture and seminar content has been very informative and engaging and all assignments have been explained perfectly.

Q8. To what extent has the course helped you set goals for your future career and what are your plans after graduation?

So far, the Events Management course has set me up perfectly for my future career aspirations. The skills I have learned have prepared me for the world of work and I have developed my management and teamwork skills significantly. After graduation I would like to go into the world of sports events as this is something that interests me. There is always lots of information and contacts provided by my Academic Supervisors and Module Leaders about opportunities and they are always more than willing to support me throughout my studies.

Q9. Anything else you'd like to add about your experience?

I would definitely recommend studying Events Management at Oxford Brookes University to anyone that is interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality and events industries. The course itself provides so much vital information and knowledge that I will use in my future career.