Mehdi Habri

International Business Management

I grew up in Algeria and was involved in our family's paper business

Which really sparked my aspiration to take our enterprise global. That's why I chose International Business Management at Oxford Brookes. The course and university felt like a natural fit. The university is known for its progressive outlook, and having 'Oxford' on my resume was a deliberate goal due to its reputation globally.

The curriculum at Brookes was exactly what I had been searching for

It delves into international business, which I am deeply passionate about, and places an emphasis on conducting business in an environmentally friendly manner. This is particularly important to me because the paper industry, the field I intend to flourish in, aims to be a superior alternative to plastic.

I'm undertaking a placement year at ROXCEL Trading in Vienna

ROXCEL is a key player in the pulp, paper, and cardboard industry. This experience has been outstanding and has offered me the chance to not only to explore the industry on a global scale, but also to use the extensive knowledge on sustainability and market dynamics I've learned at Oxford Brookes. 

I strongly recommend a placement to everyone                                                                                                Mehdi-student-image  

My role has involved in-depth market analysis, and I’ve introduced over 130 potential clients to ROXCEL, significantly boosting our business horizons. My placement year has been an invaluable learning journey, highlighting the importance of hands-on experience in both academic and professional development. 

Language is a key tool in business

Its significance has always resonated with me. I am fluent in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, and I have set my sights on learning German. I have committed to this fully while in Vienna. I plan to continue my German studies online next year and always encourage my colleagues to speak in German around me. I believe that having the ability to speak multiple languages is key to success in international business.