Michael Cini

History, 2020

“I think the crime history modules at Oxford Brookes are fantastic, because they humanise the victims. They aren’t just stories to be told on Netflix - they’re very real”

I’m fascinated by crime history. So when I saw that the Oxford Brookes History course includes some Criminology, I was really pleased.

‘The course had everything I wanted’

The course covered everything I wanted to study. I love learning about how the past informs the present, and I’ve found the social, cultural and political history I’ve done at Oxford Brookes really good. I didn’t think I liked subjects like Early Modern History, but since coming here, I love it.

I think crime history is such an important thing to study. As a culture, we really commodify popular crimes, for example, with Madeleine McCann or Ted Bundy’. We consume it all without thinking about the victims as people.

‘The lecturers are really amazing’

I really like that the History department at Oxford Brookes is full of really inspiring female lecturers. Traditionally, History has been taught by a lot of men, so I think it’s great that here it’s being taught by loads of really talented, intelligent women. The male lecturers are really cool, too, but I think all the female lecturers are really amazing.