Michelle Pugh

MA Education, 2017

“I really like the passion that the lecturers bring; it makes me want to know more!”

Michelle completed her BA course in Early Years Education and later went on to complete Early Years Teacher Training at Oxford Brookes. As part of this teacher training Michelle completed an MA module, from which she went on to study for an MA in Education, as this is an area she has a great passion for.

Having previously attended Brookes I knew that the subject leaders were very knowledgeable and supportive and I knew I could learn a lot from their experiences.

I really like the passion that the lecturers bring; it makes me want to know more!

Oxford has such a friendly atmosphere! The libraries are great ā€“ and almost everywhere has wifi!

I am currently a reception class teacher, and I hope to go on into a leadership role in the future. I think studying at Brookes will give me the knowledge I need to progress in my employment. Employers seem to always look at the qualifications you have and what this could bring to their establishment, for example, I completed a leadership module and my school were very interested in this.

The staff at Brookes seem to know a lot about the modules they teach as well as keeping up to date with current issues/research within their fields. They are more than willing to help when needed!

Oxford Brookes has really made me want to learn more and helped me grow; the staff are really helpful and very experienced and are willing to share these experiences with you to benefit your work. The MA course is very interesting with lots of different elements to choose from. Iā€™m looking forward to seeing what else I can learn!