Miriam Manco

Applied Languages, 2019

“My course was really enhanced by the support of tutors and lecturers. I love the environment of Oxford Brookes, and everything it has to offer”

My advice to new students would be that the effort you put into this course will truly be rewarded.

‘I’m confident in the skills I’ve gained’

Thanks to my course, I’ve developed skills that I’m confident I’ll be able to apply to my future career. I loved a module called, “Researching Cross-Cultural Experiences”, where I was able to do my own research, in a field of my interest. I’m now looking into research as a career.

There are so many resources at Oxford Brookes, including the library which is always well stocked. And they run sessions on how to make use of all the resources.

‘Exciting opportunities abroad’

Thanks to one of my tutors, I spent the summer volunteering in Kenya and Uganda. My colleague and I raised funds, and by the end of the summer we were able to build a new library and study space for the school. On my year abroad, I did a publishing internship.

I really like living in Oxford. Everything is really accessible and It’s a student town, so you always feel part of a group.