Mohamed Mujahid Rahman

International Business Management

My name is Mohamed Mujahid Rahman and I am currently studying the BA (Hons) International Business Management at Oxford Brookes University.

“Oxford Brookes University served as a platform to not only pursue my studies but to also learn about international culture.”

Why did you choose to study a Business and Management degree? Was there anything particular that stood out to you when researching for the right course?

I am always fascinated how businesses operate both domestically and internationally. I wanted to pursue International Business Management as it clearly introduced me to look at the world through the lens of how business plays a vital role in every single person’s life. Also, I always wondered about starting my own business at some point in the future. 

What attracted you to study at Oxford Brookes University?

Oxford Brookes University is one of the top-ranking universities in the UK for Business studies. I always wanted my education to be at the best level. After completing my schooling in India, I have researched many universities to continue my further education. Oxford Brookes University offered students with various options of courses in the Business and Management field. Also, the campus is filled with colourful infrastructures, all facilities that a student needs and it gives international students a platform to engage with many students from completely different backgrounds and cultures.

What has been your favourite module to study on the course and why?

It is hard to specifically choose a module as my favourite because I loved every module since the start of my course. 

If I had to choose, I would say my favourite module is International Business Consultancy. This module is completely fun filled with workshops and with critical teaching during the lectures. The lectures and seminars really induced my level of interest to a high level. Also, this module gave us an introduction to the professional life ahead after our studies.

What skills have you developed while studying on the course? 

Team working: 

  • In this course I had to work in groups of between 4-5 people on a number of modules and coursework. This group work gave me a platform to develop my team working skills by contributing towards the tasks. For some group work I guided the members in the team on a few tasks which also gave me the attributes and skills of leadership.

Time management: 

  • I always wanted to keep myself busy and active by engaging in many activities such as part-time work, gym, lectures and independent study. With all these tasks I should have to be careful in accomplishing these without overlapping or compromising one over the other. So, I made myself a routine to stick to it which developed my time management skills.

Communication skills: 

  • Communication is all about receiving and sharing information. During my first year it was quite challenging for me to engage with students as English was not my first language. Later on, after many seminar gatherings and group work sessions, I improved my communication skills which developed my confidence.

How have you found the experience studying on the course and the balance between any live project work and study?

The experience in International Business Management was really fascinating. I had a chance to be involved in various academic activities such as making my own presentations and presenting them in front of my tutors, learning how to construct academic writing through the resources and support provided by Oxford Brookes University. 

On the other hand, it has also been a nightmare for me in managing my experience between studies, assignments and work effectively. During the initial weeks of the first year at university, I found it difficult and even failed to manage it effectively, but in the following semesters I had set deadlines for myself around my clock to finish each and every task that were assigned with my studies, lifestyle and other activities which gave me a lesson in self-discipline.

Describe your experience working alongside fellow students. What have you learnt from them?

At Oxford Brookes University, I found the meaning of unity in diversity. I have been provided with a chance to work with students from different countries and cultures. Every student here whom I was in contact with was really humble and helpful in a mutual way. 

Other than coursework, with my fellow students I spent my time sharing things about my culture, language and lifestyle and learned so much from them too. Overall, Oxford Brookes University served as a platform to not only pursue my studies but to also learn about international culture.

What has the standard of teaching been like on the course? Are there any memorable lectures or seminars you attended?

From lectures to seminars, I have always felt like this is one of the best Business schools in the UK to learn about business. The standard has always been at a high level. Even during the pandemic, Oxford Brookes University offered students the support and help in so many ways like teaching through virtual classes, and one to one online sessions for discussing and issues we had. 

During my second year, I personally enjoyed the lectures from Dr. Tosin Lagoke. The way he introduced me to the International Business Strategy module was really fascinating. His lectures and seminars were always significant and fun which made me feel like not missing any seminars. 

To what extent has the course helped you set goals for your future career and what are your plans after graduation?

On the scale of 1-10, honestly, I would say around 8. This course has given me the confidence by acting as a stage to practise and develop all my basic and necessary skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and time management which would be a major support for my career in any field. But I feel like I would feel more confident about my future field of career by experiencing the actual work world for at least 2-3 years after I graduate.

Have you been involved in any work placements or real-world projects set by  employers? If so, please describe your experience.

Oxford Brookes University offered me to undertake a placement year in between my second and final year. I had successfully secured a placement as a Management Intern at a restaurant chain. This placement acted as a lens to look through the real working world. I have learnt things such as 

  • how businesses operate in a busy environment
  • the role of managers in that busy environment to make the business successful
  • the attributes that the managers should have to achieve the business targets and to maintain a smooth relationship between the employees, and management
  • how to improve the productiveness of the employees in a fun and inspiring way. 

Anything else you'd like to add about your experience on the course or at Oxford Brookes University?

I came here as a Motorsport Engineering student. Even though Motorsport Engineering was a good course to pursue, the positive vibrations in Headington Campus and the motivation within myself to study International Business Management made me change from Motorsport Engineering to this course. 

During that change, even though the process was quite hard, one of the Business and Management Programme Leads, Dr. Louisa Lapworth, helped me to choose the right course for me. I would say this is one of the bravest decisions I have made in my life.