Mosope Ogunleye

Nigeria, MPH Public Health

“My lecturers have been so supportive. The moment you email them they are willing to respond, they are willing to support you. They also push us to do our best. They just bring out the best in us and support us through that process”

When you were researching universities, what made you choose the UK and Oxford Brookes?

When I was trying to select a school, I went through so many school websites but Oxford Brookes really stood out for me. Especially the course modules in the programme. It has a unique combination of modules which were perfectly suitable for my career trajectory so it was the best for me at that point and I’m glad I made that choice. Aside from that, I read a lot of reviews for the school and they were really great so I was encouraged and I thought ‘this is really what I want, I want to be here’. I checked out other schools and my mind just kept going back to Brookes. Another thing that stood out for me with Oxford Brookes University was the diverse student community, so there are students from all over the world and you’re getting to meet people from all parts of the world, learning their cultures, getting to make friends and learning a lot from them. It’s something I looked forward to. I chose the UK because it has a reputation of good quality education.

How did you find the admissions process?

The admissions process was pretty easy for me because I completed everything in 30 minutes. I had my documents ready so I just filled in my information, uploaded them and it was smooth.

What would you ultimately like to end up doing in your career?

I would like to become an epidemiologist and with the programme it consists of epidemiology, data analysis, foundations in public health, public health policy - a whole lot of things that come together to equip you for the future. So far, I’ve been able to develop a lot of professional skills such as my leadership skills, analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and learning how to be a good team player because we have a lot of team sessions in class.

What do you like the most about Oxford Brookes?

Since I’ve been here, I’ve really enjoyed my relationship with my lecturers. They are really supportive, because the courses tend to be challenging. Coming from Africa, it requires a whole lot of adapting and it hasn’t been all that easy, but my lecturers have been so supportive. The moment you email them they are willing to respond, they are willing to support you. They also push us to do our best. They just bring out the best in us and support us through that process. It’s been exciting.

When you arrived, how did you settle in?

The process was very easy for me because I had been in contact with the accommodation team so they had already informed me of the room I was to stay in once I arrived. From the airport I came here and I went to the hall office, was given a key and I settled in really easily.

How have you found making friends?

Making friends has been pretty easy for me. I make friends easily. It’s been good. Luckily for me I have flatmates from different parts of the world so I’ve been able to make friends with all of them, learning their culture and eating their meals. It’s been great.

How have you found Oxford as a place to live?

I enjoy living in Oxford. It’s not too big, so it’s just the perfect size I think. It’s like a student community and it just feels like there’s so many young people around. There aren’t that many distractions so I’m able to focus on school and once in a while I’m able to go out to the restaurants with friends, explore parks and different parts of the city.

Have you visited anywhere else in the UK?

I’ve been to London. I found it pretty busy!

Which accommodation are you staying in, and how has it been for you?

I’m in Crescent Hall. It’s good. The staff at the hall office are always supportive whenever I reach out to them for anything.

Do you have any advice for future international students?

Choosing Oxford Brookes University, to be honest, would be a very good decision because it equips you with the professional skills that you require. It goes beyond the teaching that you get in class. There are class activities, there is brainstorming with your peers, debates, so many things that stimulate your critical thinking abilities.

Activities which will make you realise strengths you didn’t even know you had and all of these things are going to equip you for your future and career. So, Oxford Brookes is a very good school to choose. The student community is very good as well.

What are your immediate next steps after you graduate?

I presently run a mental health organisation in my home country so I plan on using all the knowledge I've learnt here to improve my organisation and make better impacts in Nigeria and even Africa as a whole. So there’s so much I’m learning here and I’m planning to take my knowledge back home and make my country a better place. I would plan to come back to the UK later in the future.