Muhamed Selmani

Croatia, International Foundation followed by BSc (Hons) Economics, Finance and International Business

“I truly believe that a foundation programme is the right path for anyone who has doubts about their subject and wants to experience topics first, learning about them in undergraduate level classes. This gives you an amazing advantage, allowing you to figure out if this is the right thing for you.”

What made you decide to come to the UK to study?

The United States was one of my top choices for studying since it was an English speaking country but unfortunately it was too far away from my family. Instead I chose the UK which has brilliant educational facilities and a rich community.  There’s a lot of diversity here. I read the other day that over 150 nationalities work together here and I think that really will have a positive effect on the upcoming years of my life.

Why did you choose Oxford Brookes?

I found Oxford Brookes through researching on the web, finding out statistics about certain universities and creating data sheets comparing the different universities. Through this I found that Oxford Brookes was a good choice for me. It fulfilled all my requests, giving me the social and academic experiences I need to move forward.

How do you think this foundation course will help you with further study?

I’m doing an Economics and Business foundation as I’m going to be studying Finance, Economics and International Business at the Clerici Business School next year. This course gives a really good preparation for the upcoming three years. I really needed to make sure I had the materials and skills needed to do my best in my undergraduate programme. One of the best things about this course was that it was very friendly and there was a high level of social engagement and group work.

Why did you decide to study this particular course?

My A levels didn’t match the requirements to enter at undergraduate level immediately but this was not a disappointment for me since I wanted to do a foundation year. I was raised in a Business family. Being with my dad a lot, he didn’t have much time to stay with me at home, so he always used to take me to work and into his meetings. I started to work at the age of 12 or 13 helping him out and throughout the years I really grasped the meaning and power of what a good business and economy can do.

Which of the facilities at Oxford Brookes did you find most useful?

When coming to Brookes I didn’t expect such a high tech university. I walked through the John Henry Brookes building and it’s amazing how well the building is worked out and organised.  I use the facilities a lot and go to the library every time I need to study as it is such calm place.  There are different sections for different types of work you need to do. There are silent places for writing, places you can work with a group and places such as the forum, which is a hub where students can meet.

Any plans for the future after your graduation?

I’m fascinated by finance and the idea of how the economy works, and I believe that after Brookes I will work in a lot of financial markets including NASDAQ and the London stock exchange. After that I intend to pursue my own enterprises using the connections and the people I’ve met.