Natchananth Wiranyaphaet

Thailand, MSc Marketing

“Every day I meet new people from all over the globe which is a great experience and I'm quite impressed!”

Why did you decide to study at Oxford Brookes?

My friend studied at Oxford Brookes University and she recommended me to come to study here. After this, I did some research about the course that I wanted to study, which is MSc Marketing, and I could see through the internet that Oxford Brookes offered me a very good programme and the modules were very attractive. Also, the location, as the University is in the city so it is very convenient for me in case I wanted to travel or do some shopping.

How do you find the teaching style from your teachers?

At the moment everything is online due to the pandemic; however, my lecturers are making the process of adaptation go quite smoothly. So for example, if I have a question or a problem with anything, I just can email them and they will get back to me as soon as they pick it up, which is quite advantageous! Sometimes, if I still do not understand, we can have a one-to-one Zoom call so they can explain to me personally. This is a great experience and helps me stay focused on the main topic of the module. So I think that this online style might make me more focused on the course and also I have more time for myself since everything is through my laptop and I do not need to get ready to go to lectures, just need to turn on my laptop and voila! I am in class! So it saves time actually!

What do you think about Oxford city?

I think it's very nice, it's a very nice city! There is so much nature, you have a lot of parks around that you can just go for a walk around, there is a massive shopping center [Westgate Shopping Center] which I haven’t had any chance to visit yet because it's closed due to the COVID restrictions.

Are you living in the University accommodation?

As I wanted to make friends with some native students or international students, I thought that it would be best for me if I choose the University accommodation, and I chose the Clive Booth Student Village' because it's not too far from the main campus...and I am just 10 minutes away by walk from the accommodation to the university. It is an excellent choice, as the surroundings are quite nice and it has a lot of parks and it's not too far from the city centre.

How have you found making friends?

As I decided to choose the University accommodation, in my flat, there are five rooms in total, and two of them are occupied so I have two friends from India! We can have a chat together in the hall and it has made me feel more at home. Like they can help me a lot as we can share our experience together. In the opposite block, I managed to meet an Italian friend so that we normally meet to have a chat and we go every now and then to have some afternoon tea together. This is a great opportunity, as they also know other people, so sometimes we gather and they introduce me to their friends so my circle gets bigger and bigger. Every day I meet new people from all over the globe which is a great experience and I'm quite impressed!

Could you give us one word that describes your experience in Oxford Brookes so far?

So if I need to choose one word, I will say impressive!