Nivedita Brahma

India, Pre-Master's followed by MSc Psychology

“Living in Oxford? I feel it’s one of the most amazing experiences because I met a lot of international students and also got a few chances to meet the local community, like when I go to the market. I’m really an extrovert when I talk to people and definitely have found that the local people here in Oxford are really welcoming and friendly.”

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

After the completion of my undergrad I realised that my passion actually lied in Psychology. My undergrad subject was actually in Economics and not in Psychology, and so I was not confident enough to go straight for a masters in Psychology. So I researched and there were actually only a few universities that provided conversion courses in Psychology. I really loved Oxford and so I felt that I should apply for Oxford Brookes University.

How do you think the course will help you progress on to your masters course?

I feel that the master's degree will be quite hectic and that I won’t be taught each and every detail with the guidance I am getting right now. So this Pre-Master's course will build my academic reading and writing skills. I’m also doing all my Psychology modules with my undergraduate classmates which will definitely help me to be more confident when I come back for my masters.

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

The people in my classes are really friendly and my professors who know I am from a non Psychology background help by showing me a few basic books, which are available in the library.

Do you find that the teaching style is different from what you’ve had in the past?

What I like about the education system here in the UK is that we are actually encouraged to study in groups, and work in teams in the classroom.  I feel that there is not just one particular answer to any question. We are always encouraged to analyse each and every question.

Did you find the staff useful at helping you settling in?

Yes, definitely.  When I first landed here in my first year I was not feeling well because of the weather. I was really feeling feverish, but thankfully I came here to the centre and took advice from Jane, to go and meet a doctor in the NHS and get registered. I definitely feel the staff members are very friendly in the international centre, and also back in the University campus.

Which other facilities have you found really useful here?

It was twice that I came in contact with a concept called Mindfulness meditation, which now I do on a regular basis for 5 to 10 minutes. I also wanted to volunteer with the deaf children, so right now I’m also attending a British Sign Language course, which I’m really enjoying and many other extra curricular activities here in the campus.  

Would you recommend your course to another student, and if so why?

I would definitely recommend the Pre-Master's course to any student who is willing to get more knowledge on the subject, because it will help that person to be mentally prepared for what is expected from them at masters level.