Olasubomi Sanya

Nigeria, LLB (Hons) Law

“Experience it, have fun, because this is the time for you to make the biggest mistakes and the biggest achievements of your life.”

What made you decide to come to Oxford Brookes?

Actually it was the city, the fact that it was in Oxford. When I got an offer from Oxford Brookes and I saw the city, I actually fell in love with Oxford. For me, choosing Law was basically because I’ve always wanted to do it, and the opportunities that Oxford Brookes presented in the prospectus looked really good for Law. That’s why I made Oxford Brookes my firm choice, I was really excited.

Is there anything in particular about the course that you can describe as the best thing?

In my course there are really lovely teachers. They’re ready to explain everything in detail, so you understand. You can always go see them and talk to them about it - that’s another good thing. I’ve been able to meet some of my teachers for things such as ‘I don’t understand this, this is not making sense to me’ or talk to them about ‘I want to do this in Law in the future, what do you think about it?’.

How do you find the teaching style compared with any previous experience you may have had?

I really like the classes of some of my teachers. When they explain they’re not just throwing words at me, they’re literally explaining things to me, and also applying it in an everyday life example as well. Sometimes we have a lot of cases and the fact that some of my teachers actually apply those details to some of their lifestyles, so you kind of get a picture of what is going on and how the principle would be applied and stuff like that. So some teachers actually really explain in proper detail and really just give you the low-down.

Would you recommend this course to other students?

Yes I would, because it’s very informative and very detailed. You see a lot of different views from a lot of different people. There are some cases where the facts are exactly the same, but you have different results in each case. With that it makes you think about how this is possible. I would actually say to just do you work, research it and see if you can handle it before you actually go into it.

What do you like most about living in Oxford?

Oxford is a nice city that has a lot of things. You have to be very adventurous to actually live in Oxford because there are different things in many areas. There are different exhibition areas, museums and shopping areas. I enjoy the food and the shopping. There are also a lot of eateries in Oxford; you can get to try different new things every time, like Turkish cuisine and Japanese. And it’s really close to London as well, which is really cool. As a city itself I love it and I love the old buildings in Oxford.

Do you have any top tips for international students?

Come in early, because Freshers’ Week is really good - you get to meet a lot of people there. Also, have a broad mind because Oxford Brookes in total is diverse, there are a lot of things involved in the university. My mum always said don’t let university pass, experience it, have fun, because this is the time for you to make the biggest mistakes and the biggest achievements of your life.