Ollie Hirschfield

Further details

I loved the choices available to me while I would be studying, both inside and outside the computer labs. The location is good and the facilities available during studying are great. Everyone I met when I came to look around Brookes was friendly and allowed me to understand all the opportunities I have available to me while studying here. The course was well shaped and allowed me to pick lots of options from Web Technologies to System Administration. The assignments were well laid out and allowed me to understand and use my knowledge from the lectures and lab sessions during the week. Having the choice to be able to work in a number of places around the campus and having the facilities always available when needed are the best bits of studying here. The staff at Brookes have been extraordinary, always making time when students need more help or want to explore the topics further.

My plans are to continue to run a company I set up while at Brookes based around ticket and event management in Oxford, using the contacts I have developed at Brookes and in the past, to help develop and implement a new technology into the field. I will also continue to work on another company I started while at Brookes, based around the training and management of High School Model United Nations, and the conferences surrounding it, within the United Kingdom and United States. For others wanting to start their own business, do the research first. There are thousands of people at Brookes who might be able to help in some way. Go to the Brookes Entrepreneur networking events while you are studying, and start building a team around your idea. Students at Brookes are already doing this, and I’m sure there will be people interested in working with you.