Oshin Whyte

Turks And Caicos Islands, International Foundation followed by BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences

“I think coming to Brookes has been one of the best things I have ever done.”

The international foundation course prepared me extremely well for my undergraduate course. The foundation year helped with referencing, learning how to structure and organise my essays, and how to use important resources like the library.

I can see the positive progress I have made since I started the foundation course to when I finished the course. I have grown as an individual, I have become more independent, I know how to properly manage my time, and I have met so many amazing and diverse groups of people that share different beliefs which is amazing because I never have been exposed to many different perspectives before.

I think Oxford Brookes is a pretty good university. The teachers here really try their best to make the students understand the material. The foundation staff were lovely to me. If you are not sure about a task you can always ask them. They are very nice and will have genuine discussions with you about how you are doing and what improvements you can make. I am always in the library and I am always constantly asking the subject librarian to help me find relevant sources for my assignment. I am also member of the Brookes gym; they have really good yoga sessions!

Oxford has so much culture and there are really cool museums here. One of my favourite things about the museums is you can get in to them for free. I have been to the Natural History Museum at least six times and there is always something I have missed, there is always something new to discover and I always find the architecture really cool. Sometimes I think how ironic it is that I am walking down the same street many famous writers have walked down.

I think coming to Brookes has been one of the best things I have ever done.