Pheobe Exon

History of Art, 2019

“I got a great feeling as soon as I came to Oxford Brookes. I visited a lot of universities, but Oxford Brookes was my favourite”

My lecturers were so nice and I loved how the course was laid out. I want to go into curation (arranging exhibitions) in contemporary art and fashion, and the modules on my course were really useful.

‘My dissertation leader was unbelievable’

In Second Year, I did Curatorial Practices, where you go through the different motions of how you’d create an exhibition. Last year, I did Public Art, which was really interesting. It showed me a whole new career that I never knew existed before.

The lecturers were a great support. When I was stressed out, they all were all so helpful. My dissertation leader was unbelievable. She helped me with my work so much.

‘I love Oxford as a city’

Oxford is a great city to live in. I go to the gym, see my friends and I have a part time job in town. And it’s an amazing location to do History of Art. There’s two major art galleries here, and we’re so close to the galleries in London – we go there all the time. I can’t underestimate how useful it is.