Rachael Butcher

Graduate Diploma in Law

“I was attracted to Brookes for its reputation for giving a thorough background in various legal subjects”

Before coming to Oxford Brookes to take the GDL, Rachael Butcher completed her BA at the American University of Paris, and her LLM at Maastricht University. Rachael is one of the student co-ordinators of Brookes’ pro bono scheme, with a particular interest in Amicus, a charity assisting lawyers for justice on death row.

I was attracted to Brookes for its reputation for giving a thorough background in various legal subjects. The teaching is excellent, and the professors and tutors are always welcoming and approachable.

Much of the study of law requires independent work and research, and the teaching staff have been excellent in providing encouragement and are open to ideas and suggestions. They have encouraged us to pursue areas that we are interested in and have given excellent advice and feedback. The Legal Research Project allowed me to explore areas of law that interest me, and will be of use later in my legal career.

I have been given the opportunity to be one of the overall co-ordinators of the pro bono scheme at Brookes, which will enable me to work with a diverse group of projects and students. I am happy to be co‐ordinating the Amicus pro bono project, which will give me an opportunity to work on death row cases in my home country, the US, to help prevent executions.

The pro bono and mooting opportunities at the university provide excellent opportunities for personal and professional development. Pro bono is a great way to prepare for a career in law whilst allowing you to help in areas that really interest you; it is wonderful to see so many students interested in the scheme, and we are truly looking forward to making a difference.

Oxford Brookes is a great institution with good facilities, and my fellow students have been some of the most driven and enthusiastic people I have ever met.