Rachel Kamall

Geography, 2015

“The mix of modules and subjects available at Brookes made my step back into higher education an easy decision”

With her sights set on a future in education, Rachel Kamall decided to combine her passions for the environment and the global community by studying Geography with Sociology at Oxford Brookes.

I took a year off after starting at University of Bath, to work, reflect, as well as volunteer at the London Olympics. The mix of modules and subjects available at Brookes made my step back into higher education an easy decision. The course appealed to me both academically and for my future career prospects, and the offer of a study abroad programme really sold it! I love travelling and take a keen interest in global current affairs. My year in sunny California has been amazing.

The best thing about the course is the way the lectures are structured. It is nice to have a day dedicated to one or two modules rather than them being spread throughout the term like sixth form or college. I also enjoy the overlap between all the social sciences at Brookes during the first year. This means you don’t just do modules in your subject but in areas that cross-over.

One of the things that makes studying in Oxford so unique is the amount of museums that are in the city. The variety of displays and information they provide means doing research for a project can be as easy as taking a bus. There are also some beautiful walks through nature following the river Cherwell and the Thames, which is part of one of the required Geography projects in your first year.

The staff at Brookes are inspiring and I have particularly enjoyed learning about their individual projects, such as Tina Miller’s work in fatherhood.

The next step for me is to apply to masters programmes, most likely in education. I’d like to work for the Ministry of Education, working to implement reform on the way that environmental education is taught in primary schools.