Rob Kuschel

Occupational Therapy

“We were given a realistic idea of what to expect in practice.”

On the course, lectures are often followed up with practical demonstrations and accounts from visiting practising OT’s. Group work, mixed discipline seminars, service user presentations and interaction were all part of our first semester. We were given a realistic idea of what to expect in practice.

My first placement so far has been a very positive experience. Most of the teaching staff are practising or retired healthcare professionals; this removes the shock of disparity (between university and the real world) that friends of mine at other universities have experienced on placement.

It’s easy to make friends, everyone is in the same boat in year one. If you are on the same course as someone, generally you share similar interests. The added benefit of a Health and Social Care Faculty is that everyone is really nice as a professional prerequisite!

During my second year I plan to utilise the careers support offered by Brookes, so that I can begin to work towards building my CV. There is a lot of advice available from varying disciplines within our faculty, however as it is such a broad subject I haven’t identified where I would like to work yet. I expect some more specialist training will be in my near future but not until I have some experience working as a newly qualified OT.