Ryan Phillips

Occupational Therapy

“This is by far the best decision I have made in my life.”

I have found the support and energy shown by the teaching faculty at Brookes to be second to none. I’ve been encouraged to look for answers myself rather than just being told them in lectures and this has been an effective way for me to retain knowledge.

My course included a placement which was a very rewarding experience; the team I worked with were very supportive and they encouraged me throughout. I found it very helpful to put the theory I learned in the classroom into a practical setting as this gave me confidence in my own ability.

The facilities at Brookes are amazing. The new JHB library is well laid out and I have found studying there very productive. Using Moodle and having lectures posted online for access at any time has meant that I can study whenever and wherever I wish.

You can’t go wrong with making friends, providing you put yourself out there. There are so many societies; you would be hard pushed to not find someone who shares your interests and hobbies.

Oxford has such a beautiful mix of culture, architecture, nightlife, and green areas surrounding it. I firmly believe I am home and will try my hardest to remain in the city after the completion of my studies.