Saad Almohammed Alrayes

LLM International Trade and Commercial Law, 2015

“I feel that my ambition will not stop at this point, and the opportunity to continue my higher studies and do a PhD Degree has just begun!”

Prior to completing an LLM at Oxford Brookes, Saad worked as an independent legal consultant in both Kuwait and Qatar. He now hopes to continue in higher education by undertaking a PhD.

When I was at high school I planned to take Mathematics and Science as a degree, however it was whilst I worked along my academic pathway that Law really caught my attention. Thus, after graduating I went through the standard process of applying to Kuwait University and I ended up getting a place at their School of Law. Law played to my strengths: problem solving and logical thinking, and because of this my goal is to become one of the top legal specialists and commercial lawyers in Kuwait and other GCC countries.

Studying in Oxford and in particular at Oxford Brookes University was definitely the most interesting life experience I have had to date. I always try to put myself outside my comfort zone and in Oxford I had to adapt very quickly to the cultural nuances, which added a lot of depth to my skill set. One of the key things that attracted me to the course at Brookes was the way that focusing and developing critical framework skills and making judgments involved weighing up evidence. This is different from forming opinions – which often come from little evidence-based knowledge.

The best part of the course was that I had an opportunity to focus on my preferred area of research. This led me to focus on two research topics; entitled To What Extent is Poor Corporate Governance Considered a Main Reason for the current Global Economic Recession of 2007, 2008? And my final dissertation entitled Can Shareholders’ Empowerment be Considered an Effective Means to Regulate Corporate Activities? A Comparative Analysis between the UK and Delaware in the US (Mixed methodologies used).

Being in Oxford itself played a vital part in my life as a student at Oxford Brookes – I found an enormous amount to do in the city in my spare time. There are dozens of iconic buildings to visit, including museums, theatres, and the colleges. There are plenty of green spaces too: riverside walks, and England’s oldest botanic garden. There are also a number of academic libraries, which gave me a unique opportunity to do my research.

I feel that my ambition will not stop at this point, and the opportunity to continue my higher studies and do a PhD Degree has just begun!

My final dissertation was the most inspiring experience in my life. Through hard work and focus I worked diligently to complete my dissertation and the accompanying literature ahead of the deadline. I am extremely grateful to God first, and then to all of the academic staff, my parents, family members and friends who supported me throughout my academic career – in particular in my research and dissertation, which gave me an enormous amount of satisfaction. This has been a driving factor for me time and time again, when faced with similar challenges.

Brookes’ courses can open up new career options, and choosing which career is right for you can be an exciting process. This course can develop qualities that employers value, such as problem-solving and communication skills. By doing this course you will also increase your chances to do further study, such as a PhD.