Sam Kimsey

Further details

Prior to my application, I had a discussion with one of the lecturers who laid out all of the courses that the department offered. I took one look at the Biology course and knew it was right for me.

Biology is such a diverse topic; there are many areas to specialise in, from cell biology to landscape conservation. I was so unsure about university to begin with, but three years on I regret nothing and I’m already looking for a new project!

In my first year I went to the South of France to undertake a range of environmental survey techniques, which was fantastic. For my final year project I went to South Africa for six weeks to study herbivore relationships to fire impacted areas. I got to spend time with fantastic people, experience close encounters with wildlife and even participate in the capture and relocation of a white rhino, which was the pinnacle of the trip.

Following on from my work in South Africa I have multiple options open to me. I have experience working with Geographical Information Systems, which is a piece of software used to map areas and carry out complex spatial analysis, and I have subsequently been offered GIS work in Mexico with a research organisation from the UK.