Samirah Altukhaim

Kuwait, Pre-sessional English followed by MSc Rehabilitation

“I love the way of living here. Everything has that independent feel. I love that I have my own responsibilities”

Taking pre-sessional English has prepared me a lot for my master’s degree. Before I didn’t know how to do the academic writing, academic reading, or critical thinking so during the course I learned a lot to prepare myself.

The teaching method was brilliant and especially the way of using the media or the internet. The online submissions were something new for me because everything in my country is done on paper but here a lot is done through email or virtual learning. I think it is important to have relationships with your academic advisor and lecturers. They are helpful and you can meet them if you need anything.

I have used the Upgrade service to help check my assignments. This was incredibly helpful as I am not a home student so my grammar mistakes in essays are common.

I like the people in Oxford, everyone is very friendly. I love the way of living here, everything has that independent feel. I love that I have my own responsibilities.