Sammy Nguyen

Vietnam, BA (Hons) Business Management

“I love living in Oxford. Having lived in London for a year because of my placement made me realise how much I love living in Oxford.”

Why did you choose to come to Oxford?
Oxford Brookes was the first university reply to my application with an unconditional offer, I later received 2 more from Cardiff and Kent. I was in my country at the time and couldn't visit each city / each university physically, so I did some online research instead. I have a good impression of Oxford as I think it is a university town, there would be a lot of students like me, so it would be a great experience to join them. I read about all three cities and I decided Oxford would be my first choice both for transportation convenience and social wise (very close to London). 

What parts of your course do you most enjoy?
What I enjoyed most about studying here is the wide range of opportunities and learning resources for a student in the city. I think what added most value to my degree and experience here (both professional and personal) it’s the people, the events and workshops I attended outside the academic programme. 

There are a lot of interesting talks about entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, finance being held in the city centre and I'm very impressed that all of the speakers were very good as they shared insights and experience coming directly from their businesses, their industries, which is a valuable supplement that helps redefine what have been taught in textbooks only. This has given me a great opportunity to make friends, connect with like-minded people for future career development.

As part of my course, I completed a one-year working placement with Four Communications - one of the leading independent communication agencies in the UK where I met so many kind people who helped me learn and develop my communication and professional skills a lot. Thanks to them, I have realised my potential and interest in technology and digital marketing. 

In my final year, I also had the honor to present my dissertation research in the UK Parliament at Westminster Palace, London. It was a truly happy feeling to see a lot of interests and engagements in the topic around high-tech entrepreneurship in the UK, especially in regard to Anumerics - the case study company I was working on. This event is definitely one of the best memories during my four-year study at Oxford Brookes University.

What is your experience of living in Oxford?
I love living in Oxford. Having lived in London for a year because of my placement made me realise how much I love living in Oxford. I prefer the calm and friendly environment here to the fast-paced busy competitive life in London. Everything in Oxford is in a walking distance or by bus which is free anyway for Brookes students. I have made so many friends from around the world, some of which I am very close with. I still feel I haven't explored the city enough despite 3 years living here. There are so many beautiful buildings, places to see and learn. I wish I had spent more time as a tourist, rather than being a student all the time.