Sebastian Fox

Thesis title: Team members' and team coaches' perceptions of the most productive parts of their sessions

Start year: 2021

Supervisor(s): Professor Tatiana Bachkirova, Dr Joanna Molyn

Research topic

Existing studies around the value of team coaching focus on outcomes and goals, without considering other ways in which teams might gain value from coaching and what might contribute to their perception of what, for them, has been most useful. My research seeks to contribute to the literature by understanding how team members and team coaches perceive the most and least productive parts of their coaching sessions. Its aim is to develop a tentative theory to inform team coaches and develop their awareness around how teams view productive team coaching, and how this might differ from their own perceptions. Such a theory might allow team coaches to have greater choice in how they work from time to time in service of the team’s needs.


Team coaching, productive phases

Academic school / department

Oxford Brookes Business School