Tina Poletto

Italy, BA (Hons) International Business Management

“I just love Oxford. It’s such a nice place with an international environment. I liked the support that I got even before coming here.”

What made you come to the UK?

I had relatives in Oxford which helped me choose to come here, because I knew I had a support here. When comparing a English university to a Italian university there are many differences and I felt that the English system was better for my needs as I wanted something more practical. We have lectures here of course, but not as many as in Italy, so you could have the chance to work part time or to get some experience. There are so many opportunities here that in my home country there are not.

What have you enjoyed the most about your course?

The part I’m enjoying the most is the assignments because the universities here are very different from in Italy where it’s all in written or oral exams. Whereas here the assignments are done in presentations, debates and essays that can be very interesting. We have reflective essays so we can reflect on what we have studied and we also had to start a blog for another module too. Every assignment is very different and I feel that they are very connected to what is going on in the real world.

Did the staff here help support you when you were first settling in?

We got so much support not just before coming, but as soon as we arrived as well. I remember that there were so many times when walking out alone in the forum and the staff just came and said have you slept well? Are you fine? Are you happy with the university? Do you need any help? They really made you feel at home.

What facilities or services have you used whilst at Brookes?

I went on a trip with ISAT to York, which was very fun. My friend and I wanted to go on every trip, but it was a bit hard to balance everything. This one was in the second week of the university, which was a nice way of getting to know the UK better and to meet new international students. They also said they were available if we needed to talk or if we had any problem with our visas or anything. They told us of all the opportunities to find a job and what we needed to be a bit careful of such as taxes, banks and everything. Another support service I can say I’ve used is Upgrade who help you with your essays, assignments or exams.

Are you involved in any clubs or societies?

I’ve been involved in the ESN Society, which is the Erasmus Student Network, a very nice society helping you get to know all the international students. Then also the Interpreter Society, which is more course related, but anyone can take part in. That’s really nice as well.   I’ve been in the Business Society and then I’m apart of the Disney Society where we watch a movie every week, a Disney movie. They go into London to watch musicals. Then finally the Tea Society and the Nordic Society, because I have a friend who is from Norway.

Do you have any future plans once you’ve graduated?

I have two directions, one direction is with a business project that I’m working on to help students come and study in the UK. The other path is more course related, working in an international company for the Marketing or Human Resource Department. So I will have to choose.