Tya Raikundalia

LLB Law, 2021

“My professors and tutors have been absolutely fantastic. They will support me in any way possible”

In my first year studying Law, I quickly made some really amazing friends within my course. We worked together all the time and had really good fun.

‘The tutors find ways to help me learn better’

The academic staff are also fantastic. If I’m having a tough time understanding something, they’ll help me find ways to learn it better. They will give me advice or show me articles or cases I could be looking at. They will cater to you personally, they won’t just give you a blanket solution.

Just now, I’m working on a research paper which is about human rights and modern slavery. I’m using an approach that very few people have tried – creating my own sort of law case and applying the law to it. My supervisor has been very supportive of this.

‘The city centre is crammed full of interesting places’

I’m a massive foodie, so I really like trying out small cafes, and finding little coffee shops and restaurants. Oxford’s perfect for this sort of thing. The city centre is crammed full of interesting places. Headington has beautiful places too, and so does Cowley. It’s great to explore all of Oxford’s nooks and crannies.

I always like doing something alongside my studies. I’m in the Quiz Society, so my biggest thing is organising quiz bowl tournaments. We hosted one at Brookes which was a very big success. Now I’m organising one at Imperial College, London, where we’ll get about 30 universities joining us.

I absolutely love Oxford Brookes. My advice, if you’re choosing a university or a course, is: make sure you weigh up every option. Understand that you have to be comfortable with your choice. Don’t think about what other people want you to be: think about what you want to be.