Vu Tran

Vietnam, Pre-Master’s followed by MSc International Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management

“When I came here everything was just like I imagined before, a very beautiful city but very different from London. Oxford is very peaceful and it is small but lovely, and a place for students, a real place for students”

Why did you decide to study in the UK?

Well actually there’s a couple of reasons why I chose the UK. Firstly the UK is well known in the world for the education. I think that all of students who come here expect to get a highly respected degree, and to be well equipped with good English skills so we can get a better future and a good job. The second reason is that I have been here before when I was a little kid and my family lived here for a long time. I had a really good impression of the UK – it’s a great country with history and traditions.

Why did you choose Oxford Brookes?

I was advised by a couple of friends and a agent to go to Oxford Brookes University. I heard that Oxford was a city of study and was the best place for education. I also have a couple of cousins who did both the undergraduate and the postgraduate in Oxford Brookes University before.

What do you like about your course here?

The contents of the course is very useful with the academic English for students. The skills to do research and presentations allows us to gain further knowledge of the subject modules. I find the attitude of the tutors and their enthusiasm very enjoyable and like that they are very helpful towards the students. They instruct us in a friendly, effective way, always identifying our problems, showing us how to improve. I think it’s a really great environment. So whenever you come to study the tutors are enthusiastic with very active teaching styles.

Do you have any tips for future international students?

It’s very useful to try to learn very good English and to adapt to the real student life here in the UK. Try to be an active global citizen, because although you are in the UK, this is a very international environment. Don’t just stay around with your group and speak your own language only. Spend most of the time learning English as much as possible, to make it perfect. When you study in the class, try to raise your opinions and do critical thinking. Try to use all the facilities at school and join the unions and societies. Try to be connected to people, to be a part of the community.