Wentao Han

China, Pre-sessional English

“It feels like we are part of this programme. It’s not just like they teach us things and talk about it; we actually participate”

Why did you decide to study in the UK?

I’m here to accomplish the accounting licence, which is ACCA. The reason I’m here at Oxford Brookes is because they have the programme with ACCA.

How do you think this University English Level 4 will help you to progress onto the BSc Applied Accounting?

For the Level 3 I’ve found a lot of useful things, but for the Level 4 I still kind of struggle, it looks similar to Level 3 but there are a lot of differences between the two courses. For my major course I think vocabulary might be one of the important things. Also researching and how to pick up useful information is useful.

What is the best thing about this course?

The best thing is all the teachers. I think they care more about the students than their grades. That is good because in China we do it in a different way. Here, they don’t only focus on our study but also on our casual life, which gives us a lot of support and motivates us to work harder.

What else do you like about the course?

It feels like we are part of this programme. We actually join this programme, it’s not just like they teach us things and talk about it; we actually participate. It’s like a two way process, and we can make a change sometimes. When we have some new ideas the teacher might accept them and they might make a little change in the future course. It’s good, because we work together to achieve this goal.

Would you recommend the University English language courses to anyone?

Yes, it’s pretty useful. Because I know nothing about the research, the secondary research, the primary research, how to avoid plagiarism. Another thing is that I don’t think my speaking skills would be that improved if I had just passed the IELTS test and rushed into my major course. I think it’s a good time for all the Chinese students. Whether they pass the IELTS or not, it might be good for them to take this course because it’s a time to get their selves ready for the major course.

Do you have any other comments on your time here so far?

I think Oxford Brookes is an excellent university, and the location is perfect. It’s quiet in this town, and it’s near to London which is pretty convenient for shopping. And I think we have good opportunities to communicate with Oxford University, which makes this University so good and it has the potential to be the best.