Yeung Tsz On

Hong Kong, BA (Hons) Urban Design, Planning and Development

“I've been studying in the UK for five or six years now and I have been able to visit different cities, studied and lived experiences in different places and different cultures, and so far, I think Oxford is the most beautiful one!”

Why did you decide to come and study in the UK and at Oxford Brookes University?

Because when I was young in Hong Kong, I heard that the UK academic reputation is really good, so I wanted to experience being an international student and exploring different cultures. And I also looked into different universities, through their open days about different subjects, for example urban design, architecture, and I found out that it was really good to study in the UK, so that is why I chose to study here. When I looked [on the] Oxford Brookes website, I found out that they provide different life projects that other universities didn't really do, so I really liked to have the benefit on stepping into the direct field by studying urban design here at Brookes so it was like a benefit or advantage above other Universities in the UK, so that is what made me apply for it!

What did you think of the campus and the facilities here?

For a course that really relies on software skills and facing the computer, I mostly use the studios in Abercrombie, which is where I am most of the time at Oxford Brookes campus studying and it is great there. I have also been to the Sports Centre at Brookes which is really fun. You have got different sports activities, like rock climbing, gym, and you can also play badminton or volleyball over there, which is pretty good fun!

What would you say has been your favorite thing about studying your course so far?

I mean studying my course is already a blessing, but as far as I recall, one of the best things is when everyone is spending overnight in the architecture studio working together, it's a really good experience because we get stressed together and we get to finish together supporting each other our work, which is really good; it's just a great and a good experience to be able to work with friends, staying overnight and then just fight for your work. I think it's really fun and challenging!

What do you think of Oxford?

I think that Oxford is the most beautiful city that I have ever seen in my lifetime in the UK. I've been studying in the UK for five or six years now and I have been able to visit different cities, studied and lived experiences in different places and different cultures, and so far, I think Oxford is the most beautiful one. In Oxford, you have different architecture from Oxford University that surrounds the city and the culture and the experiences here are really different. Everyone looks so academic and so professional so it is great here!

How have you found making friends as a student at Oxford Brookes?

I've met loads of people around Brookes, especially in my course by working together, so we can know more about each other and spend time on field trips together, as in my second year we went on a field trip to Brazil, which was a really good experience! I have also met other friends apart from my Brookes course as well, so I think it's a really good cultural exchange here!

Do you have any top tips to potential students that are interested in studying in the UK or studying at Brookes?

First of all, I suggest they move out of their comfort zone and find different friends...because it will probably increase and improve your language, which obviously will be great! Then try to not be shy and meet new people around, so you will get another cultural experience from your different friends, which will help you build up your social network as well. In addition, I would say probably step into professional careers as well, try and build good links between lectures, different friends and different professionals. Don't be afraid to go to any professional’s meetings, lectures, and just grab your chance to challenge yourself using all the resources that Oxford Brookes University or your course co-ordinator provides you with.

Can you sum up your time at Oxford Brookes in just one word?

I would say remarkable! Because from being a normal student and going into dealing with all the COVID restrictions, which is really challenging; you also get different experience there, which I think is kind of like building up your professional skills when you move out from the University. So yeah, remarkable was one of the best things I can think of in my lifetime at Oxford Brookes University.