Yiyang Wu

China, MSc International Business Management

“I had no experience about using English as academic writing, I applied for the academic writing courses (Pre-Sessional English Course), and the teachers taught me how to use the English writing styles for papers. They helped me a lot!”

Why did you decide to come to the UK?

I like the English culture, the culture is attractive. When I was young, I like Harry Potter movies and my favorite novel is Sherlock Holmes. And I am also a big fan of the England Football Team. In addition, I think UK education has excellent teaching quality, and this is one of the reasons that I decided to come to England to study.

Why did you choose Oxford Brookes to study?

Actually I applied to several universities and they all gave me acceptances. But my teacher gave me some advice, she thinks the major [that I want to study] that Brookes offered suits me the most. I like this major.

Has your English improved since you came to the UK?

A lot! Because in China, even [though] I passed the IELTS exam, it is actually just an exam. But in the UK, I’ve improved my writing, reading, speaking [skills]. When I first came to the UK, I was not brave and feared talking to the people, and now I have become brave, even though my English is not perfect, now I can speak loudly and communicate with others.

How did you find the accommodation team at Brookes?

During my semester, I applied for an accommodation through the Internet when I was still in China, with no idea of where it is. The one [I originally applied for] was very far away from where I study, so I asked the accommodation team and they helped me to switch to the current one. This one is more convenient, close to the library and campus.

How is your experience of living in the UK for the first time?

This is both the first time for me to come to the UK and to study abroad… Even though most of the time I spent was during the lockdown, everything is fresh for me, I like the culture, the people I met, learning new knowledge, all of these!

Can you give any tips to the new International students about Oxford Brookes?

You should get prepared… to face a new environment, with the weather, culture, food, environment… Everything is new. If you have any problems, you can ask for help from the staff, they will help you.

Can you describe your experience in Oxford Brookes so far with just one word?

Fresh, because everything here is fresh to me.