Zara Markland

Zara now works for Finance Unlocked as a Product Manager. Finance Unlocked is the world’s first comprehensive, on-demand video-delivered learning platform built specifically for finance professionals – ‘Netflix for finance’. Institutional clients include Santander and Blackrock, with a user base of 10,000 across 85 countries. Previously she worked for Dorling Kindersley, Bloomsbury and Hachette.

In this video you can watch Zara being interviewed by Stephen Platten from the Stationers’ Foundation. Zara was a recipient of a bursary from the Foundation whilst studying for her Master’s at the Oxford International Centre for Publishing. She says there were a ‘top few [courses] I was deciding between and I applied for the Oxford Brookes one because it’s very practical based. … it was very much do on the job mentality, of all the key aspects of publishing: editorial, marketing, sales, design, production.’