Zirui Lin

China, MSc International Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management

“I think the tutors are so talented and brilliant, they’re pretty familiar with their jobs and know how to teach the students to think and fulfil their dreams.”

Why did you decide to study in the UK and Oxford Brookes?

I realised that this University was in Oxford which was brilliant, as Oxford is so full of culture, history and energy, and so I decided to study here. This University is also full of history and energy as well which I find very attractive. The cultural diversity and the way this University treated its students also attracted me. There is also a sandwich mode provided by the University which was one of the reasons I chose to study here. There is the opportunity to work in the UK for one year to help you gain more work experience in your field.

Why did you choose to study this particular course?

I was majoring in the Events Management when I finished my bachelor’s degree, and I wanted to further improve myself in this field. Also I like to communicate with others during my job and wanted to improve myself in this field.

How does the teaching style here differ to back in China?

We have a different culture and in the beginning I had to get used to the methods here. However I’m pretty adaptive and so found it not that difficult. Also the teaching methods here help to encourage students to think.

Would you recommend this course to your friends?

I would definitely recommend them to come here. First of all the University is in Oxford, which is one of the advantages the University possesses. The University is full of energy and the accommodation here is very comfortable. The environment is very suitable for students who want to study in a quiet beautiful place where they can relax.

Do you have any advice you would give to future international students coming here?

The first tip I would like to provide is to just be open to yourself and to others. Don’t hide in your accommodation, in your dormitory, it’s not a good thing to do.  As the University has many international students, it’s a great opportunity for you to learn English, and to speak English fluently with others. The second tip I would like to say is that don’t worry about the weather here, you will get used to it. I would say actually the weather in England is pretty good actually because my city is in the subtropical zone as well, so there are many rainy days as well.

What are your plans for the future?

The faculty is helping me work on my CV to prepare me for my placement. They are also preparing a job fair for us to be interviewed with some employers. My final goal is to go back to my country and to start my career in this field.